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Welcome to CSS Online
The online phone append system

At Phonematch.com, you can append telephone numbers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone and demographic append system will add or verify your names and addresses with the most current telephone numbers and demographic elements.
Send and receive files directly to CSS Direct using Phonematch.com Process your Excel, delimited, Dbase or fixed text length files on the web site.
Most jobs will be complete within 15 to 60 minutes from the time you start the job. This time can vary and will depend on the size of your file.
Phonematch.com uses 4 of the most comprehensive national consumer databases available to look up your telephone numbers. These databases contain information on over 150 million households and 225 million individuals.

The phone append system processes each customer records against 3 unique matching algorithms. The best match is appended to your database. The matching process analyzes the complete name and address fields, as opposed to using match codes, which achieves the highest possible quality match.
No Job Too Big or Too Small
The Online system is connected via high speed broadband access. The system capacity has been increased for a file up to 10 million records.
User Name and Password
In order to use the CSS Online phone append system; you must have a user name and password. For information on obtaining a user name and password or if you have forgotten your user name or password, please contact CSS Direct.
File Requirements
To help the online phone append system run as efficiently as possible, files must meet the following requirements:

1.) The file must be in either Excel, Dbase, fixed length ASCII format, comma delimited, tab delimited, or pipe delimited.

2.) The filename may only contain alpha or numeric characters.

3.) The data filename must be the same as the zipped filename, except for the extension. (e.g. datafile.txt is zipped within datafile.zip).

If you are unable to submit a file with these requirements, you will need to run it through our off line system. Please contact your CSS Direct representative for more information.
Users Guide
Using phonematch.com is straight forward and simple, with step-by-step instructions on each page. But if you have never used CSS Direct, or if you are new to the industry, we have developed an Online Phone Append Users Guide. Please click the document below to download it in one of the available formats:
UsersGuide.doc (Microsoft Word document, 631 KB)
UsersGuide.html (Printable Webpage)